Site|Mayumba – Gabon

Year| 2010 – 2013

Services| Final and executive design, management and accounting of the works and coordination of safety in the design and execution phase.


The bridge is located on the Banio lagoon whose shortest connection is a crossing that covers a distance of 525 m. The edges of the coasts are characterized by an important height and have very steep slopes. The bridge consists of two separate decks, destined for the two-lane automobile passageway and the other for railroad passage. Each of the two decks is a mixed steel-concrete structure consisting of two steel beams of constant height.

The total length of the bridge is divided into 8 spans: the two ends at 50 m and the remaining six at 70 m.

Amount of structural works

– Ig Class: € 18,500,000.00

– Class VIb: € 35,500,000.00

– Class IXb: € 35,000,000.00

– Class IXc: € 22,500,000.00

Total: € 108,500,000.00