Site|Via Aldobrandeschi – Rome

Chronology |2012- 2014

Services | Preliminary design, detailed design and executive design; construction and accounting management and safety coordination during the design and execution phases.


The works involved the restoration of the office building and the headquarters of BNL – BNP PARIBAS Group, for fire safety legislation adjustment and for removing architectural barriers. The building complex, realized at the beginning of the 80s, consists in 5 different buildings, with different use and linked by a corridors system and interior gardens; these buildings assemble a single block in the two underground floors. The works involved all the floor above the ground as a substantial increase in the number of employees is expected for them. Therefore, it was necessary to plan the escape routes increase and reorganization, envisaging the demolition of the pre-existing circular-plan stair, whose are no longer adequate to current legislation, and the construction of new staircases with straight plants.

A complete reorganization of the interior spaces was planned for a large part of the building, creating “Open Space” offices, which are involved the organization of the escape routes.

The normalization of the plants with the replacement of energy and signal cables was also envisaged in order avoid the risk for the emission of smoke and acid and corrosive gases; furthermore, the ventilation and air conditioning systems have been adapted to meet new distribution requirements.

Value of structural works |

Class Id: 5.959.000 €

Class IIIb: 433.000 €

Class IIIc: 5.918.000 €

Class IXb: 2.475.000 €

Total value: 14.785.000,00 €