Site| Gabon

Year| 2011 -2016

Services| Structural design “Centre Guido”

Structural design| Ing. Luciano Gioacchini

Architectural design| Studio 3+1 Architetti Associati


The building in question is composed of a floor for car parks, a two-storey block occupied by commercial spaces characterized by an L-shaped development, to the extremes of which two towers of different heights stand out: the residential tower to the south, of 10 floors , and the tower for office use to the north, of 12 floors. To complete the entire complex, a paved square with different spaces and a small outdoor parking lot. The area on which the building will be built is located in the northern part of Liberville near one of the city’s main arteries, the Triomphal Boulevard, and not far from the port. The area is located on the edge of a particularly valuable built area, given the presence of some of the most significant architectures in the city, such as the headquarters of the Central African bank or the Ministry of Water and Forests.

Amount of structural works

Class Id: 10.500.000,00€

Class Ie: 4.000.000,00€

Class Ig: 3.500.000,00€

Class IXb: 5.500.000,00€

Tot. 23.500.000,00€