Client| Torino Municipality

Site| Via San Domenico – Torino

Contractor| SECAP S.p.A. Torino

Year| 2003 – 2008

Services| Restoration and functional recovery of “Palazzo Mazzonis” in Turin as the site of the new MAO Oriental Art Museum.

Final and executive design related to structural interventions, structural works management, safety coordination during planning and execution.


The works were divided into the following main measures:

– realization of an armed drilling system which, along the main walls in their middle plane, allowed to restore and increase the weakened horizontal connections and improve the cementing conditions of the walls around the holes;

– execution of all those interventions of reinforcement or even replacement of the inflexed elements of the floors, necessary to adapt their load-bearing capacity to the demands of the new user;

– execution of the extradossal reinforcement of the vaults;

– execution of the complete reconstruction of the supporting structure of the very degraded wooden roofs;

– construction of the new steel and crystal case to host the Japanese garden in the courtyard of the building;

– construction of some new openings in the walls, necessary for the new distribution of the museum, and the new slots in the various horizontal sections, necessary for the two new elevators required by the legislation for the removal of architectural barriers.

Amount of structural works

Total: € 1,182,357.00