Client| BOUYGUES Batiment, MAEG

Site| Orleans, France

Services| Final design of structural works, BIM modeling and coordination

Year| 2018-In progress

The PDC congress building is part of a larger project including three connected buildings: the “Salle Sportif” with rooms and stands for a capacity of 10,000 spectators, the “Parc d’exposition” on the ground floor with 15,900sqm exhibition space and the “Palais des Congres”: conference center located on levels 2 and 3, above the exhibition space

The structure is composed of steel beams and pillars, reticular beams on the roof, decks in a mixed steel / concrete floor, cantilevered facades and technical walkways hung on the roof. This structure carries the loads of the sub-structure of the perforated sheet fa├žade cladding made with spatial reticles.