Client| Mobility Company, Technical Division, Infrastructure Maintenance Area


Services| Final project for the renovation and consolidation of the railway bridge over the Tiber river under management by the ATAC Company.

The bridge consists of two side-by-side decks, both spread over 5 spans of light 26 meters, with the two shoulders positioned on the banks of the river and the 4 piles in the riverbed.

Interventions on the deck

The deck is affected by renovation work aimed at restoring the load-bearing capacity of the individual girder due to the railway loads required by the regulations. The foreseen interventions concern:

Remediation of all reinforced concrete surfaces with removal of deteriorated concrete;

Integration of longitudinal and shear reinforcement; Restoration of concrete cover with epoxy mortars;

Replacement of support devices;

Installation of Shock-transmitter devices (STU) for the transmission of seismic forces to the two shoulders. Waterproofing of the deck and surface water disposal system.

Interventions on the piers

The shoulders and the piers are in good condition. However, it is considered appropriate for the piers to carry out sub-foundation operations by making pre-fabricated micropiles and concrete works in order to increase the mechanical characteristics of the foundation soils; in this way, the safety coefficient is also increased with respect to the lift checks of the pile foundations.

It also intervenes with the superficial restoration of the batteries immersed in water, increasing the resistant section with the realization of a widening of the section in correspondence with the level of free water.

The main interventions planned therefore concern:

Remediation of part of the reinforced concrete surfaces of the piles; Construction of foundation micro-piles; Enlargement of the resistant section of the piers;

Interventions on the bottom of the riverbed

In addition to the aforementioned interventions, the restoration of the ground due to the undermining of the bed bottom, determined by the river currents over the years, is planned.

This intervention is carried out by regularizing and leveling the bottom of the river bed with divers or appropriate maritime means.