Site| Tessera — Venezia

Services| Executive design and construction phase of the structures

Structures design| Eng. Massimo Guerrini – Eng. Sergio Gaudiano – Eng. Luciano Gioacchini

Architectural design and construction management|Arch. Gianpaolo Mar


The new terminal is a part of larger investment of the airport station; it was designed for 6,5 million passengers and it covers a global surface area of 60.000 mq. The uniqueness of the environmental and building context of the construction site has led to prefer an architectural solution that respects the surrounding environment and which is closely linked to the Venetian building tradition.

The project idea was born from the need to make explicit, through the architectural image, formal references to the architecture of the industrial and civil artifacts of Venice and the mainland, in particular the Venice Arsenal. Characterized by very large windows that allow the view of the lagoon from thousands of light points, whose reflections recall those of the Venetian palaces that are reflected in the water. The new terminal represents the “door to the world” indispensable in Venice and the Veneto.

The spaces are dedicated to the most modern and sophisticated technologies, above all in terms of security. For example, the car that carries luggage from the check-in to the plane is able to perform four automatic checks (in addition to the manual ones) on every suitcase. In addition, 200 cameras are operating throughout the airport and a sophisticated control center.

The construction system of the structures consists of the following main elements:

  • Foundations consist on plinths and slab on foundation piles ø800 e ø1000 with 27 m of depth. The piles foundation drilling is performed with the help of bentonite muds.
  • The floor on the ground structure is made with alveolar plate on the foundation beams between plinths;
  • The slabs on elevation are made with REP type beam and concrete slab reinforced by ribs in two directions.
  • The slab of the mezzanine floors (included in the general variant of the extension project)
  • The coverage consisting of trusses with 12 ÷ 24 meters of length and made with steel and lamellar wood
  • Reinforced concrete staircase linked to the structure;
  • Reinforced concrete turret finger with octagonal foundation on piles ø800
  • The fingers has a steel structure with double reticular wall which has a variable length from 30 to 35 meters.

Value of structural works

Around € 30.000.000

Dimensional data

Capacity : 6.500.000 annual passengers;

Total area: 60000 m2


1998-2001: executive design and construction project

July 2002: inauguration