Massimo Guerrini

He graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in November 1971. He obtained the qualification to carry out the profession in December 1971. He is a member of the Order of Engineers of the province of Rome at n . 8742 from 1972.

Eng. Massimo Guerrini was a researcher at the Chair of Bridges of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rome – “La Sapienza” in the years 1972-1973; he was also an assistant at the Chair of Construction Science of the Faculty of Architecture in Rome from 1976 to 1983. He was a member of the Structural Commission of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome in the years 1995-97 and assigned to the exercises of Statics ( course of Prof. Giuseppe Morelli) at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, in the years 1997-2000.

Lecturer in quarterly Masters for freelance and business engineers and architects, organized by “DIREXTRA – Alta Formazione”.

In particular, specialization courses were held for “Design of large structures” and “Methods and Tools for the design of major works”.

The skills and competences acquired are those related to the development and management of design activities and construction supervision: planning of the design in its various phases, with definition and acquisition of the necessary input data, integration of the various specialist components, drafting of the works of structural and geotechnical calculation, design review and on-site verification and coordination of essays of various types.

From 03/14/2002, date of incorporation of the Company, he is Technical Director of SBG & Partners biggiguerrini Ingegneria SpA.