Client |Atac S.p.A.

Site|Arco di Travertino – Rome

Chronology |2000 detail design and executive phase

Services | Detailed design and executive design; construction and accounting management and safety coordination during the design and execution phases.

Safety coordination and design management | Architectural design: S.P.I.B. srl

Structural design| Eng. Alberto Biggi – Studio Associato Biggi Guerrini

Plant design | S.P.I.B. srl

Safety coordinator in design phase | Arch. Filippo Andrea Scafi


The planned parking will be built entirely below the street level to consider both environmental and urban planning requirements: the intervention also involves the construction of a partially covered square at the street level, with a lot of functions (the ATAC terminus, a sport center, a shopping center, some services, etc.). From the structural point view the complex will consist of the following construction components:

a totally underground building to be built with a prefabricated structure in R.C. and in P.R.C., that consists of three decks: the first two for parking and the third for supporting the covered square and the Atac terminus square.

Any RC construction to carry out on site like:

spiral and straight flight for parking access, with some underground technical volumes;

a connecting deck between square of the Atac terminus and the surrounding roads;

a underground volume near the parking, which contain some services necessary for the operation of the parking;

a volume to connect the parking with the subway Line A station “Arco di Travertino”;

a structure with great length, made of lamellar wood and steel for the covered part of the square.

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