Client| SERICOM GAMBON S.A. e Ministry T.P. Gabon

Site|Kango – Gabon

Services| Renovation project of the bridge over Komo river. Final and executive design, technical assistance on site.


The bridge, built between 1973 and 1975, serves the road that goes from Libreville to Lambaréné and is ten bays long of eight of about 41, and two, shorter, of 25 m. In February 2012, due to an accidental collision, the bridge has suffered the breakage of a pole of the 8th pile with a displacement of the deck of about 40 cm. After the accident the traffic on the bridge was greatly reduced, causing serious traffic problems to the commercial network. On the damaged side, the pulvinus underwent a roto-translation with evident diagonal cracks on the pulvinus itself. The two poles left standing after the collision showed an inclination in the direction of the impact.

The purpose of the intervention is to expand the free passage of the boats and to increase the free height from the water surface. The intervention carried out involved the demolition of two bays in c.a. prestressed. The arched span rests on two new piles, each consisting of 4 poles connected together with steel beams 2 meters high.

Ammount of structural works